LOC – Lookout Circular

Whenever NRIs are entangled in the infamous Indian Matrimonial criminal juggernaut (IPC 498A), the worst fear that creeps in is issuance of Lookout Circular against the accused NRI and his family.

The modus operandi is most cases remains the same :-

1) Wife goes back to India and files a complaint of “Dowry harrassment”, which gets converted to an FIR u/s 498A, 406, DP3/4, etc etc. Basically depends upon how highly imaginative the opp party lawyer happens to be.

2) Next, the police even without doing any cursory investigation, designates the NRI as an absconder and files for LOC (Lookout Circular) against the NRI (in my case the LOC was issued in 48 days from filing the complaint), without even giving him any notification about the pending case.

3) Now the wife and in-laws start the drama of calling the guy and asking him to come down to India for discussion.

4) NRI lands in India….and VOILA….his name pops up on Indian Airport Immigration Screen….

5) NRI is straightaway arrested and handed over to the Airport police. Then he is transferred to the local police custody who start licking there tongue once they know a hard working, tax paying NRI has landed in there lap…..

6) What happens next…I hope you can imagine well….provided you are aware of the highly corrupt police system which will make every attempt to milk as much as possible from the NRI.


Myths about LOC :-

1) LOC is applicable only for a year and post one year it needs to be renewed. FALSE > LOC once issued remains in the system of the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) forever till it is requested to be removed.

2) LOC can be evaded if I travel via Nepal. FALSE > LOC information is also shared with Nepal Immigration authority and Indian Border Security Force. Dont ever try that route.


How to remove LOC :-

1) Immediately once you are aware of LOC, start writing complaints to National Human Rights Commission and your State Human Rights Commission > http://nhrc.nic.in/

2) Start writing and meet in person your local DCP and FRRO. > http://boi.gov.in/content/frro-contact-list

3) Request the IO (Investigative Officer) of the case to remove the LOC post the Charge-sheet has been filed, since your presence is no more required by police for any further investigation.

NOTE : IO plays a very important role, since any removal of LOC request has to be initiated ONLY by him which moves to DCP’s desk > FRRO’s desk > MHA > MEA

4) Post your chargesheet filing by IO, you may as well approach the court for removal of the LOC and hope the court obliges.


Feel free to send your queries to me incase of any clarification about LOOKOUT CIRCULARS, which regretfully are used against NRIs till date as a means of extortion in matrimonial disputes.


6 thoughts on “LOC – Lookout Circular

  1. That is a nice article. How to know if there is a look out circular issues in some one’s name. Is that publicly available or is there a specific department in government that can be contacted to see if there is any look our circular in some one’s name.



  2. I really appretiate you for backing Harrased NRI’s. Indian Media is also stupid as it treats NRI as a criminal as we see in newspaper without any verification.
    Modi Govt wants NRI Investments but he is not bothered to make changes in 498A and DV Act. Indian government is eying only NRI money but not providing any security to him. Invest in India only if 498A is changed by the Government. Don’t trust Government assurances. They had promised in past also to change it but not did anything till now. Why should NRI’s invest under no security. On a wife’s verbal saying he is ordered to pay hefty maintanence to wife also made to face Look out circular and arrset warrents. His other family members are harrased then why to invest here if Government is not ready to provide NRI’S protection. In short if any problems with wife she can easily destroy him.

    It is Indian Government tactic so that if an NRI is having a marital discord and he refuses to turn to India then his invested properties can easily be seized by courts and give it as a gift to wife. Investing in India till 498A exist will be like putting hands in Lion’s mouth I.e hand is safe until it bites but if it decides to bite then hand is desembled from the body. Why to live and Invest in fear. Don’t invest till Government changes 498A. If Modi Government refuses to do so then don’t invest as courts can seize properties if in any how he fails to return to India relating to a case.


  3. My wife kept falsely 498A and DVC cases against me and my family members after police dept verification they were discorded other than my name in 498A case. My wife and her parents changed family relation into commercial relation.

    My wife was interested to kick out my job from abroad for that she sent lot of phone calls, mails and faxes to my employer but she didn’t get success. Finally she approached to open LOC and LOC is released against me.

    Immediately I attended to Honorable High Court and submitted all the relevant documents to remove LOC against me. The Honorable High Court is passed orders to respective State and MEA authorities to allow me to leave India for my employment.

    The respective authority has given green signal to me to leave India for my employment and I attended my employment.

    Now how I can come to know that whether the LOC is removed or not. If not how much time it will take to remove LOC after high court orders.

    Please advise me what is procedure for that.

    Thanking you,


  4. I realy like your post and got to know many things but still have some things to ask

    1. How to know is my name is realy in LOC or that io is using it only , so that will fly anywhere from here as you know how is indian police (IPC) THEY run for moeny only

    2. If our name is not in loc then good, if yes so how to remove that , and one more thing i never fly anywhere and i am not even NRI. Can that be hapen with me to , and cant i fly in india local also.

    3 and what to do becuse i want to leave simple and happy life how to remove loc if thar is realy on my name


  5. I have a US Green card and live int he USA. Can my Indian passport be blocked so that if I travel to Europe, I will not be able to come back to the USA as somehow my passport has been blocked/invalidated?


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