Are you an Indian man and your marriage is on rocks?

If you are a man of East Indian origin living in USA married to someone from India, do learn about the potential hell-trip which might come your way:

  1. Did you know that if you and your wife got divorce in USA, it is not recognized in India in 99% of cases? If you remarry with US divorce, Indian authorities will treat it as bigamy which is punishable by 7yrs prison?
  2. Did you know that your wife while sitting in USA can file baseless criminal cases against and cause arrest of your parents, close relatives, distant relatives and friends in India as easily as ordering a pizza?
  3. Did you know that your wife can run with your kids to India and you can never ever get the kids back to USA?
  4. Did you know that your wife can file domestic violence case in India against you even if you never ever visited India with her?
  5. Did you know that even if you are married for a day to your Indian wife, Indian court system will order you to pay her maintenance for rest of your life?

Are you worried? You should be….

For NRI men marrying someone from India is like playing a Russian Roulette.

Even if troubles in your marriage are not blown in full-fledged fashion, you should inform yourself about crazy Indian laws, system and society; and how they can make life of you and your family hell.

For more information go through following websites/resources and you will find tons of help and information:

  7. SIF-ONE helpline in India (0-8882-498-498)
  8. “SIF APP” in Google Playstore

Whatever situation you may be in, do not feel helpless and without hope. Connect with other victims and let’s help each other by filling up the “contact us” form on this website.

US Govt: India provides sanctuary to child abusers/kidnappers

US state department in its annual report on international parental child kidnapping has pointed fingers at India effectively saying that India provides safe haven to parental child kidnappers. Thus India enables abuse of countless children brought from USA and other places outside India.

Click to access 2016%20IPCA%20Report%20-%20Final%20(July%2011).pdf

“India demonstrated a pattern of noncompliance by persistently failing to work with the United States to resolve abduction cases in 2015.”

If your estranged wife wants to take kids to India on “vacation”, use the state department report above to ask USA based judge to prevent your kids from being taken to India which will be a black hole for your kids.

Do you have a kid with an estranged Indian spouse? Seek Help: US Government Resources?

So what can you do when your marriage is in trouble:

1) Secure your child’s passport

2) Contact organizations such as and

3) Contact office of children’s issues at Department of State (

If your spouse has run off with your child to somewhere outside USA, contact police and authorities immediately.

US Government Resources

If your child has been taken out of the US, contact us at 888-407-4747 or
The Childrens Passport Alert Program can help prevent getting passport w/out parental consent

Getting a court order is important step to prevent an international parental child abduction:

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children can help if child is missing. Contact @MissingKids 800-843-5678.


Proof of awfulness of India’s court system

Many times people in USA and elsewhere think that India is an awesome democracy and courts/judges in India are just like those in USA.


  1. Indian judges have no idea of what rule of law means. They run their courts as khaap panchayat or even worse like the court of Genghis Khan. They contradict their own case judgements. Laws are bent to achieve whatever outcomes judges want.
  2. Indian judges have no sense of basic concepts of justice in civilized world like “innocent until proven guilty”, “right to bail”, “due process”. Denial of bail and judicial process is frequently used as punishment.
  3. Most of the judges come from very archaic societal mindset where they think that women can never lie or cheat or a child is a property of its mother. Just mindsets are hard to fight despite how many international treaties India signs to pretend that it is a modern country (see #1)

If you are NRI father based in USA trying to prevent your estranged wife to take your kids to India “for vacation”, do present following news article in front of US judge.

This will make clear to US judge that even CJI of Indian Supreme Court has zero jurisprudence and is not even worthy of sweeping floors of US courts.

“US courts have a different approach. Can Indian courts ignore to a situation where the mother of a child was not represented in the US court and was incapable of doing so on account of paucity of means,” the Chief Justice said, pointing out that in such a situation welfare of the child would weigh with the Indian court.”
Indian courts have enabled abuse of countless children of NRIs and destroyed their childhood just so that wives of NRIs can extort from NRIs.
Even US state department thinks that India harbors child abusers/kidnappers:

Never ever let your kids go to India (with your estranged spouse)

Indian system is a cruel system which does not care about interests of kids and treats their fathers as nothing more than a sperm donor and an ATM machine. India is not a signatory of Hague convention treaty on child abduction.

  1. Did you know that if your wife decides to stay in India with your kids, not even US President can bring them back to USA even if kids are US citizens?
  2. Did you know that Indian courts never return US citizen kids of Indian mother back to USA?
  3. Did you know that you can keep on fighting for visitation in Indian courts for 5+ years and then you will end up getting 2hrs/month visitation?
  4. Did you know that if you go to visit India to see your kidnapped children, your wife can slap trumped up dowry charges on you and you will be stuck in India for months and years?
  5. Did you know that unlike USA, India does not recognize rights of grandparents to visit their grand-kids?
  6. Did you know that unlike USA, India does not treat messing with custodial arrangement and child visitation as crime?

What to do if you have kids and your marriage is going through troubling phase?

  1. Never ever let your kids step out of USA.
  2. If possible keep their passports safe with you.
  3. If your wife goes somewhere with your kids without informing, do call police.
  4. If matters are already in court do ask court to issue explicit order forbidding your wife from taking kids to India.

If your wife has already gone to India with kids, do inform authorities right away and act on it urgently.

PS: Above is not meant to be a legal advice.